November 8, 2015

ICYMI -- Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 11/1/15 to 11/7/15

Highlighting some great comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* This Review of Adrian Tomine's new book KILLING AND DYING
* Bob Temuka's review of THE HEADING DOG THAT SPLIT IN TWO
* Elaine Will on depicting mental illness in her book LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD
* Sarah Horrocks on BITCH PLANET
* Tom Murphy on OVER THE LINE (an introduction to Poetry Comics)
* Dominic Umile on the interactive comic THE BOAT about Vietnamese Boat People
* Heidi MacDonald's "It's About Disclosure In Comics Journalism"
* Why Robert Sikoryak illustrated the ENTIRE iTunes Terms and Conditions


* A new comic from LESLIE STEIN on Vice -- also this interview Stein did for the Paris Review
* kuš announce new line of long-form comics, to debut with Roman Muradov's THE END OF A FENCE
* THOSE GODDAMN FUCKERS by Alec Berry and Andrew White is available online
* RJ Casey on the artist Mamma Andersson
* "The Uber-economy F*cks Us All" by Steven Hill
* Charlie Kaufman on his new film "Anomalisa"
* "My trigger-warning disaster: 9 1/2 Weeks, The Wire, and how coddled young radicals got discomfort all wrong" by Rani Neutill
* John Danaher's review of INVENTING THE FUTURE: POSTCAPITALISM AND WORLD WITHOUT WORK by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams
* "Ambrose Akinmusire and Jazz in the Smoldering City: A Dispatch From Kyiv" bIL’JA RÁKOŠ

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