Michael Bettendorf

  • The Great North Wood by Tim Bird, published by Avery Hill Publishing

Ryan Carey

  • The Lie and How We Told It by Tommi Parrish, published by Fantagraphics Books
  • Grip Volume 1 by Lale Westvind, published by Perfectly Acceptable Press
  • Qoberious Volume 1 By D.R.T., published by KVORIOUS Comics

Rob Clough

  • Frontier #17: "Mother's Walk" by Lauren Weinstein, published by Youth In Decline
  • Your Black Friend And Other Strangers by Ben Passmore, published by Silver Sprocket
  • Angloid by Alex Graham, published by Kilgore Books

Daniel Elkin

  • Nocturne by Tara Booth, published by 2dCloud
  • Your Mother’s Fox by Niv Sekar, published by ShortBox
  • Greenhouse by Debbie Fong, self-published
  • Kindling by Xia Gordon, published by 2dCloud
  • Follow Me In by Katoriona Chapman, published by Avery Hill
  • Vanishing Act by Roman Muradov, published by Fantagraphics Books
  • Ink Brick: The Journal of Comics Poetry No. 9 edited by Alexander Rothman, Paul K. Tunis, Alexey Sokolin, and Matthea Harvey
  • Moon by Rozi Hathaway, self-published
  • Heat by Jean Wei, published by Peow Studios

David Fairbanks

  • Did You See Me? by Sophia Foster-Dimino, published by ShortBox
  • On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden, published by Avery Hill Publishing

Justin Giampaoli

  • The Agency by Katie Skelly, published by Fantagraphics Books
  • A Perfect Failure: Fante Bukowski Three by Noah Van Sciver, published by Fantagraphics Books
  • Dead Kings by Steve Orlando, Matthew Dow Smith, Lauren Affe, and Thomas Mauer, published by Aftershock

Nick Hanover

  • Cartoon Dialectics #3 by Tom Kaczynski and Clara Jetsmark, published by Uncivilized Books
  • Vampire Horse by Madeline McGrane, self-published
  • An Actual Goblin by Pete Toms, self-published

Josh Hicks

  • Dark Angels of Darkness by Al Gofa, published by Peow Studios
  • Summer Break by Lottie Pencheon, published by ShortBox
  • Soft X-Ray/Mindhunters by A. Degen, published by Koyama Press

Alex Hoffman

  • I Love You: Stories and Cartoons by Sara Lautman, published by Retrofit/Big Planet
  • Little Pieces by Giulia Sagramola, self-published 
  • Dognurse by Margot Ferrick, published by Perfectly Acceptable Press

Sara L. Jewell

  • Cave Dreams by Carta Monir, published on Polygon
  • Flocks by L. Nichols, published by Secret Acres
  • Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels, published by Lion Forge

Kim Jooha

  • Fruit of Knowledge: The Vulva vs. The Patriarchy by Liv Strömquist, published by Fantagraphics Books
  • Drone by Mushbuh, self-published
  • Tal-co Ilgi [Talco Diary], self-published

Austin Lanari

  • The Prince by Liam Cobb, published by Retrofit/Big Planet
  • The Winner by Karl Stevens, published by Retrofit/Big Planet

Philippe LeBlanc

  • Prism Stalker by Sloane Leong, published by Image Comics
  • Skin to Skin Ley Line #14 by Jia Sung, co-published by Grindstone Comics and Czap Books
  • CN Tower by Shee Phon Liu, self-published

Francesca Lyn 

  • Where Do You Go At Night? by Miranda Harmon, self-published
  • Battle Arc 2088 by Danny Djeljosevic and Brett Marcus Cook, self-published

Steve Morris

  • Wash Day by Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith, published by Black Josei Press
  • Pirate Fun by Colin Bell, Neil Slorance, and David B Cooper, self-published

Jason Sacks

  • Adult Crash Comix by Jim Kettner, self-published
  • The Secret Voice by Zack Soto, published by Study Group Comics
  • That Box We Sit On by Richie Pope, self-published

Kawai Shen

  • Koreangry 3 by Eunsoo Jeong, self-published
  • You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Me by Victor Martin, self-published

Keith Silva

  • How to Make a Sandwich by Vicky Leta, self-published
  • That Box We Sit On by Richie Pope, self-published

Mark O. Stack

  • Battery Acid Chapter 1 by J Doyle and Y Zhou, self-published
  • Crimes by Kelsey Wroten, published by Pyrite Press
  • Tinderella by M.S. Harkness, published by Kilgore Books

Matt Vadnais

  • Ruby Quartz Panic Room by Jay Edidin, self-published

2018 Final Stats:
55 Different Books We Liked
Of which
18 were self-published
21 different small press publishers had books on the list

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