May 18, 2015

Big in New Zealand -- Reviewing Jillian Tamaki's SEX COVEN in Youth in Decline's Frontier #7

Once again, I had the pleasure of writing with New Zealand comic book writer Kelly Sheehan. This time we review Jillian Tamaki's SEX COVEN in Youth in Decline's Frontier #7.

"When you do the work to have an emotional response to art, you are the owner of that experience. Authentic emotions are precious in a world where we are so often sold how to think about things, where outrage is manufactured, enjoyment is a science, and attention an algorithm. And nobody latches on to this more than young people, especially when their peer group embraces it, especially when they see that their parents don't understand it, even more especially when their parents fear it or hate it.

Tamaki captures all of this in her book. The intensity of the reaction to the music and the ritual it inspires are all laid out with fervor and excitement. Tamaki knows the proper moment to abstract her art to convey this ardor, and when to focus on minutia in order to set context and further her story."

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