December 4, 2014

PREVIEW -- VRECKLESS VRESTLERS (issues 4/5) by Lukasz Kowalczuk

One of my favorite clusterfuck of a series, VRECKLESS VRESTLERS by Lukasz Kowalczuk, is drawing to a close. Here's a preview for the double sized FINAL issue of the series.

Double-sized Triple Trouble!

Professional interdimensional wrestling league with a single obliging rule – no rules apply. It’s also a comic series presenting fight coverages in strips – broadcasted both in print and digitally. Basically without dialogue – Vrestlers fight not chat!

Vreckless Vrestlers is a comics tribute to pop culture of 80's and 90's – the wrestling, toys, cartoons, comics, and games of these times. Things which still give me lots of joy and will forever remain a great inspiration.

The mini-series finale coming this DECEMBER!

Reptilian flair and vegan persistence made this real - Saturday Night Mean Event shall welcome the reptile vs. the cat. Will the toxic fumes of Ari-Zona harm the warriors? How many more will fall the victim of this war?
Noone can feel safe.
Bullgod awaits for the winner of this fight. The grand finale, the VrecklessMania, shall take place in surroundings unimaginable to anyone in all dimensions. What other attractions will the cruel Manager surprise us with?

Paper release: Hikari Manga & Comics Shop | Gdańsk | 19.12.2014
Digital release TBA

A5 | 36 pages | 200 copies
Each issue with stickers.
The comic series is available at the author's webpage or in good retailers.

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