April 5, 2019

Kickstart Your Part: Three New Books From Little Red Bird Press

Little Red Bird is a comics micropress and visual arts studio based out of New Jersey, USA and Querétaro, México. They just recently started a KICKSTARTER, and, with your help, they're looking to expand their comics catalog for 2019 with three new titles:


by Gerardo Alba
Back Piece is the story of Rollo, an insecure tattoo apprentice living under the shadow of his late father and his master. When visitors from another planet arrive at the shop in need of help, they take Rollo on an adventure that forces him to prove his talent and his worth. 
52 pages, color, softcover graphic novel. 
Gerardo Alba is a cartoonist from Mexico City, whose comics range from journalism to slice of life and science fiction. His work has been published by The Nib and in 2017 he won the Jóvenes Creadores ( “Young Creators”) grant for comic book artists from the National Fund for Culture and Arts in Mexico. He is currently serving an artist residency in Angoulême, France to work on an upcoming graphic novel about A.R. Wallace. See more from Gerardo at grrd.mx.


by Zak Kinsella
Burn is a refugee story set in a fantasy world. After the brutal destruction of their homeland, Chamal, high guard of the Kingdom of Ilunea, is on the run with the Kingdom's mightiest weapon, Kel, a super sweet sentient fire sword. With the help of an unlikely ally, Michael, the duo sets out to take refuge in the neighboring land of Gelka. The journey, however, is plagued by the forces of Baron Blalqu, an instigator set on the slash-and-burn destruction of Ilunea25 pages, color, softcover comic.
Zak Kinsella is a cartoonist and illustrator making his home in Denver, CO. He is the creator, writer, and artist for the Dinky-nominated comic Outré Veil. As an illustrator, he has worked for clients such as Apple, The New York Times, Popular Science, Warner Bros., Alamo Drafthouse, and Village Voice Media. See more from Zak at zakkinsella.com.


by Ally Shwed
Bearplane is the silly story of a man who is forced to share the confined space of an economy airplane seat with a large, ferocious bear.  An all-ages, (mostly) silent comic about not judging a book--or a bear--by its cover. 32 pages, color, softcover comic.
Ally Shwed is a cartoonist and comics journalist who splits her time between New Jersey and Mexico. Her work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Nib, The Intercept, and Jezebel, and she is currently working on a book about the U.S. Constitution for First Second Books. In 2017, Ally served as a Kickstarter Creator-in-Residence, and in 2018, she was selected as a Denver Independent Comics & Art Expo Fellow and was asked to be a featured contributor to the Oxford Handbook of Comic Book Studies. See more from Ally at allyshwed.com.


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