June 15, 2018

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 6/8/18 to 6/15/18

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Tom Murphy writes about GENEROUS BOSOM #3 by Conor Stechschulte, "a mature and engrossing bit of work that repays -- and even demands -- repeated reading. It's fractured sense of reality and focus on the unpredictability of memory and perception keep the reader as off-balance as the main characters."

* Greg Hunter on Michael DeForge's A WESTERN WORLD which "conveys a worldview, configuring DeForge's comics into an argument about what's broken and what's still at stake."

* Ryan C. takes a look at Katie Skelly's THE AGENCY, "it's fast, fun, fluid, fantastic fuckery."

* Andy Oliver reviews Jayde Perkin's WHAT A LIFE, writing "Perkin is concerned in these pages not so much with a structured narrative as with bringing the reader into a state of mind; in creating a dreamy, languid sense of place and occasion."

* Cecelia Larsen on Melanie Gillman's AS THE CROW FLIES, a book she calls "quietly magnificent."

* Edward Haynes takes a quick look at Martin Rowson's illustrated version of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

* Seamas O'Reilly reviews ALL THE ANSWERS by Michael Kupperman.

* Rodney Ortiz writes this light review of KABUL DISCO by Nicolas Wild.

* John Seven reviews Cyril Pedrosa's PORTUGAL, "a parable of finding oneself within what already exists but is not known, of seizing your identity through what came before you and your effort to connect the lines between yourself and everything else."

* Robin Enrico has this mixed review of IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?: THE UNBELIEVABLE ANDY KAUFMAN, stating right at the outset that this is "a graphic novel that should work, but on many levels does not."

* Keith Silva points out all that is good and all that fails in ALGERIA IS BEAUTIFUL LIKE AMERICA by Olivia Burton and Mahi Grand, writing "Issues of immigration, colonialism, xenophobia, social and religious tolerance are all filtered through her lens. She provides snapshots, misses the bigger picture and leaves it for the reader to piece it all together."


* CHUCK FORSMAN and MICHEL FIFFE share this amazing conversation.

* Alex Dueben interviews BETH EVANS about the release of her first book, I Really Didn't Think This Through, "her influences and process, Eurovision and more."

* Ben Yakas interviews JULIA WERTZ.

* Someone at Pipedream Comics interviews TIM BIRD about his new book from Avery Hill, The Great North Wood.

* Swapna Krishna gives us all a list of 8 COMICS TED TALKS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT which you should ... you know ... check out.

* Seo Kim's new comic TRUST FALL over on Vice is so simple, yet it's amazingly complex and does so much within the confines of the medium that it's brilliant.

* Speaking of brilliant, the always brilliant Leslie Stein has a new comic up on The New Yorker site called DREAMING OF A READING BAR.

* Roman Muradov made a list called PEOPLE I LIKE -- which I like. More people I like should tell me whom they like so I can see if I like them too (and then add them to my list of people I like). By the way, if you haven't checked out Muradov's new book, On Doing Nothing, you should correct that. I like it.

* Sarah Rose Sharp takes a critical look at and presents some spectacular images from photographer Dave Jordano's new book A DETROIT NOCTURNE -- which looks absolutely stunning.

* Robert Rand talks about the unique place The Diary of Anne Frank has in Japanese culture in his piece over on Tablet called, THE DIARY OF ANNE.

* Lucy Bourton interviews CRAIG OLDHAM about the new publishing venture, Rough Trade Books, which hopes to bring together "the very highest calibre of artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, illustrators and thinkers producing work relating to their relationship with the counter-culture."

* Finally, if you're one of those poor saps that can't help but make spectacular comics, you might want to check out the CREATOR RESOURCE site. It claims to be "a site dedicated to providing comic book freelancers with as much information about the industry as possible... [where] you’ll find information on the latest rates that creators are being paid, and resources to help you navigate comic book contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and more."

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