June 22, 2018

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 6/15/18 to 6/22/18

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Carta Monir on PINKY AND PEPPER FOREVER by Ivy Atoms, who "prioritizes depicting the emotional state of a scene over its physical or spatial state. The art is expressive and extremely cute, but without sacrificing any level of fidelity or aesthetic quality." 

* Alex Hoffman reviews THE STRANGE by Jérôme Ruillier, writing "the lack of a dominant first-person perspective allows Ruilier to address the systemic nature of the immigration crisis and how politicians disparaging of the humanity of others can create massive suffering."

* Daphne Milner on the work of ROSIE YASUKOCHI, whose "ongoing illustrative project explores her dual Japanese-American identity, the history of both nations and how her heritage impacts Rosie today."

Robin Enrico on THE WHYS by Virginia Paine, writing "What is even more fascinating about Paine’s work here is the way in which her usage of the aesthetics and storytelling techniques of indie comics fundamentally alters the form of the stereotypical super-powered teenagers storyline into something unique."

* Nathan Scott McNamara on SABRINA by Nick Drnaso, writing "The most unsettling effect of this graphic novel is the pressure Drnaso finds between tedium and horror, in waiting for something to happen, in it maybe never happening.

* Paul Lai also on SABRINA by Nick Drnaso, writing "Drnaso craftily harnesses our paranoias. Characters appear like landmines. Slow moments we might otherwise find quaint, instead, we read into with portent. Like a million stories have taught us, whether fictional or frighteningly factual, we find ourselves unsure whether to love or to fear these characters we watch so intimately."

* Ryan C. ALSO reviews SABRINA, writing that it "studiously avoids not only any urge to polemicize but to even editorialize in any way, Drnaso’s authorial POV being as confidently no-frills and straightforward as the largely-blank expressions on his characters’ faces."

*Latonya Pennington on A QUICK AND EASY GUIDE TO THEY/THEM PRONOUNS by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson, "an accessible guide to gender neutral pronouns that is as handy as the dictionary. Although it is not a complete guide to everything related to gender & pronouns, it is definitely a good place to start. With straightfoward examples, scripts, and a lighthearted tone, the book provides a concise guide for making life less binary and more inclusive."

* Michelle White on Tomi Parrish's THE LIE AND HOW WE TOLD IT which paints "broad ideas with sure strokes but also highlighting the tiny moments that make all the difference."

* Kevin Bramer writes a short review of LITTLE STRANGER by Edie Fake.

* John Seven on Zach Worton's THE CURSE OF CHARLEY BUTTERS, in which Seven notes, "It is harder, especially as you age, to be creative with the sole purpose of expressing yourself, with that being creativity’s own reward. When you’re young, you have your creativity narrative for yourself, and explaining the reality of the roads you took can be a haunting experience."

* Jenny Robins interviews ALEX NORRIS (aka, Dorris McComics of Webcomic Name fame).

* Robin McConnell interviews MAX CLOTFELTER about "his wide-ranging works."

* Andy Oliver interviews CAT SIMS "about her practice, her creative process, and her new comic Xenos". Oliver also interviews TIM BIRD about his latest book, The Great North Wood, and "exploring themes of place, time, and memory."

* Corissa Haury interviews STEPHANIE COOKE "about the vision for Creator Resource and what it can bring to comics."

* Tom Baker interviews PEOW STUDIOS co-founders Olle Forsslöf and Patrick Crotty about "the brass tacks of indie publishing, their goals for Peow!, and what they’ll be bringing to ELCAF this year."

* Alex Dueben interviews TATIANA GILL about her work.

* Greg Hunter interviews LAURA LANNES.

* Lucy Bourton talks to and about photographer ALEX PRAGER and features some of Prager's amazing work.

* Seo Kim has another great comic on Vice this week called BURGER.

* Jordan Kroeger is running a Kickstarter for his book THE FIST -- the blurb for it is: "A man (who punches) and his wife (who’s a spaceship)are on the run from the EVIL SPACE ARMY. Over-the-top ridiculous fights ensue."

* Finally, because, you know, why not -- Jeanna Kadlec presents SUMMER HOROSCOPES FOR WRITERS.

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