March 27, 2015

Big in New Zealand -- Reviewing Emily Carroll's ANN BY THE BED in Youth in Decline's FRONTIER #6

Recently, I had the pleasure of writing with New Zealand comic book writer Kelly Sheehan a review of Youth in Decline's FRONTIER #6: ANN BY THE BED by Emily Carroll.

It's spooky. And creepy. And scary.

To give you a taste, in the review I write:
 In this book, Carroll manipulates conventional narrative with a surgeon's scalpel cutting through cause and effect, bouncing her reader through time and space, disconcerting as she disconnects, adding a layer of displacement to the tone of its entirety. Then there's her apt choices of art style and color use, each of which adds another emotional hue. As well, she varies the thickness of her inking to contract and expand, and her lettering changes to resonate with the mood she is working with. In Ann by the Bed, Carroll uses all the evocative tools that comics offer in order to concentrate the tenor and the feel of the reading experience. 

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