July 3, 2013


The Rocky Mountains from Richard Gottardo on Vimeo.
A Timelapse of the Canadian Rocky Mountains at night ending with the northern lights.

Shot over a period of three months and some very long cold nights. The absolute hardest part of shooting this was trying to get the final shot of the Northern Lights, they are incredibly hard to forecast, and even when conditions are right you need to worry about the phase of the moon - ideally somewhere around the new moon (no moon) would be ideal. Finally, cloud cover. You spend several days watching weather patterns trying to figure out where you will find a clearing. For the final shot of the northern lights I had to drive 5 hours to Revelstoke, BC to find pretty much the only cloud clearing within a 1000km radius - amazingly, it ended up working out!

All scenes are shot in either Alberta or BC

Credits, in order of appearance:

Heart Mountain
Mt. Townsend
Mt. Smuts & Mt. Byng
Spectral Peak & Mt. Costigan
Mt. Aylmer
Mt. Bogart & Mt. Kidd
Revelstoke BC

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