May 12, 2019

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 5/6/19 to 5/10/19

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught our eye over the past week.


* Ryan Carey reviews CASTLE OF THE BEAST: A THEORY OF TIME TRAVEL by Ariel Cooper, "a work of art that makes you feel your way toward a better, deeper, and yes, more accurate understanding of the ultimately undefinable force that governs every aspect of our reality. Prepare to be challenged, yes — but not simply on an intellectual level."

* Andy Oliver on Alice Urbino's BABYFACE, writing "The true beauty of an Alice Urbino comic is her ability to present work that is superficially dark and visually grotesque, yet so poignantly human and empathetic at the same time.

* Andy Oliver also reviews WHEN I ARRIVED AT THE CASTLE by Emily Carroll who "feeds the reader enough information to ensure their interaction with story and characters but also leaves enough room for their own interpretation of subtext and relationship, and it’s in that space that the true terror of When I Arrived at the Castle lies."

* Kim Jooha has a column on TCJ called THE MATERIALITY OF COMICS in which she looks at books by Warren Craghead, Alexis Beauclair, and Erin Curry.

* John Seven on SKIP by Molly Mendoza

* Elisabeth Woronzoff reviews BLAME THIS ON THE BOOGIE by Rina Ayuyang, a book whose "vigor is derived from its consideration of popular culture's role in an individual's life."


* Drawn and Quarterly just announced that it will be publishing Sophie Yanow's Eisner Nominated Webcomic THE CONTRADICTIONS.

* And speaking of which, Annie Mok interviews SOPHIE YANOW for TCJ.

* Alex Dueben interviews MAGGIE UMBER "about her new book, what kinds of books 2d Cloud will be publishing this year and why they just couldn’t walk away from the company."

* Samantha Puc interviews CAITLIN MAJOR and KELLY BASTOW about their latest book, Manfried Saves The Day.

* Carolita Johnson has a comic up on Medium called MONSTERS IN LOVE: ONE WITH GAS.

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