October 27, 2012


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Torchbearer #1
(Nicolas Dedual/Dennis Calero)
Odd Truth
Torchbearer #1 is a decent enough independently produced comic book. Nicolas Dedual and Dennis Calero have put together what appears to be on the outset a nice little science-fiction/action/thriller story that takes place in one of those Blade Runner type futures where there are powerful corporate interests, a street level rebellion of some sort, manufactured humans, and hover taxis (I’m a sucker for hover taxis, always have been).  The art is serviceable, the story moves along nicely, the dialogue is believable, the characters seem to have some depth, and the world building is just fine.
But sadly, that’s about it. Certainly this is only a first issue, and it is hard to gauge where this book is going, but for now there was little in Torchbearer #1 to stir my juices. There just isn’t a whole lot new or exciting or different to make me take note or scratch my head or do that little excited dance that I do when I come across something, well, exciting.

 Torchbearer #1 is a perfectly fine product. I have nothing bad to say about it, but it just is, isn’t it? Why does the world need another science-fiction/action/thriller book that covers the same well-treaded ground already covered by people who are, frankly, a little better at it? What does a book like Torchbearer #1 bring to the world other than the excitement of its creators?
I want to like Torchbearer #1, but really all I can say is that I didn’t hate it. It’s just one of those books that’s just kind of there, taking up space, perhaps something to distract you as you wait in the dentist’s office for your annual checkup. 
It does no harm, but really, it could do so much more.
For more information about Torchbearer #1, check out the Odd Truth, Inc. website.

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