February 5, 2018

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 1/29/18 to 2/4/18

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Robin Enrico reviews ON THE INSIDE by Ashley Robin Franklin, wherein Franklin "focuses all of the craft she has been honing in her illustration and illustrated diary work into a charming and grotesque tale of Halloween night hauntings and body horror."

* Sayalee Karkare on FETCH by Nicole J. Georges, writing, "The book is testament, not only to Georges' kinship with animals, but it is also a lesson in loving."

* Andy Oliver reviews Patt Kelley's SCOUT: CHAPTER 2, saying "This is a comic that quietly embraces its own peculiarity but, in amongst all the undeniable outlandishness, there's some very human drama at its heart..."

* Hillary Brown on Anneli Furmark's RED WINTER, calling it "the most Swedish book ever" -- read her review to find out why.

* Daphne Milner writes about Hector de la Vallee's new zine, BUNGALOW, which "illustrates the potentially grave consequences of unstoppable desire".

* Robert Kirby on Elizabeth Beier's THE BIG BOOK OF BISEXUAL TRIALS AND ERRORS in which she "lays bare her coming-of-age as a bisexual person, never shying away from the frequently embarrassing and often downright painful trials and errors of her journey."

* Rob Clough on Laura Lannes' intricately-assembled BY MONDAY I'LL BE FLOATING IN THE HUDSON WITH THE OTHER GARBAGE, writing "Lannes has an acute understanding of the fact that love, sex, and romance are all inherently ridiculous an that there's no dignity whatsoever to be found in their pursuit. At the same time, she has an acute understanding of the importance of intimacy, ocnnecting with someone on multiple levels, and grieving it when it's gone."

* Aug Stone on MISTER MORGEN by Igor Hofbauer.

* Oliver Sava's short piece on Fantagraphics' anthology, NOW #2.

* Whit Taylor presents an excerpt from Kurt Ankeny's IN PIECES: SOMEPLACE WHICH I CALL HOME about "his life and family in a small New England town."


* Jacob Hill interviews DAVE BAKER about his work, especially Action Hospital, and "the things a comic artist needs to do to get by to his fervent views of creators' rights."

* Over on Inkstuds, Kit Brash talks to ERIC REYNOLDS, editor of the Fantagraphics anthology series NOW

* Alex Dueben interviews SOPHIA FOSTER-DIMINO.

* Andy Oliver interviews SABBA KHAN, one of Broken Frontier's "Six Small Press Creators to Watch for 2018", about "her architectural background, the cultural themes she explores in her narratives, and the inherent responsibilities in autobiographical material."

* Austin English's WHERE I'M COMING FROM column at TCJ highlights the minicomics and zines that shaped his aesthetics. IF you know English's work, this is a revealing read.

* Alabaster Pizzo's new Ralphie and Jeanie comic, POP UP.

* Philippe LeBlanc is still putting together his SMALL PRESS AND INDIE COMICS GALORE over on The Beat.

* Critic and friend of YCE Austin Lanari tries his hand at fiction in this deeply moving and laugh-out-loud funny short story called, IN SITU.

* Wesley Yang's MEME WARS: IS FEMINIST LEMONADE KOSER? is certainly fodder for further discussion.

* Also on Tablet, Marjorie Ingall writes an eye-opening and disturbing piece with the title ALT-RIGHT PUBLICATION ACCUSES JEWS OF ATTEMPTING TO INDOCTRINATE AMERICA'S YOUNG VIA SUBVERSIVE CHILDREN'S BOOKS.

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