September 21, 2012


This Review Originally Ran on Comics Bulletin
Creepy Scarlett Volume 1
(Graeme Buchan/Felipe Sanuea Marambio/Ozzy Longoria/J.C. Grantd/Jessica Jimerson)
Last Sunset
The solicitation for Creepy Scarlett Volume 1 points to an "ancient struggle" between an "eternal evil" called the Red Sun and Creepy Scarlett (along with her Teddy Bear, Mr. Ted) as they vie for possession of "a series of artifacts and the control of an untold power they combine to create." While certainly not a blaze across the sky idea or a ground breaking foundation for a narrative, in the right hands the book could be all kinds of crazy gonzo fun.
Unfortunately, these were not the right hands. 
Initially I thought this title was intended for an all-ages audience, so I forgave much of the wooden art and the bad humor and the disjointed action and the stilted dialogue and the unnecessary pop culture references all in the name of the kids (The Kids, I tell you!). It was about halfway through the 45 or so pages of this book, though, when Creepy Scarlet stomps her boot into the face of another of the Red Sun's armored lackeys, that I realized that writer and creator Graeme Buchan had a more mature audience in mind.
And it was at that point that I got really, really mad. 
The remaining half of the book did nothing to assuage my ill temper. 
Because of who I am, I have to admire Buchan and his creative crew for their self-confidence in releasing this book. I have no doubt that with time and practice and maturity this title could become something other than what it is right now. I have hope for this, because like Creepy Scarlett says in this book after defeating Pumpkinface, "Nobody has written that part of the story yet." Someday we may actually want to read Creepy Scarlett's story. That someday just isn't today.

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