June 4, 2017

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 5/29/17 to 6/4/17

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Sam Ombiri on Joe Daly's HIGHBONE THEATER.

* Rob Clough is just killing it this week. Too much good stuff to link individually, so just go to his HIGH-LOW blog and see what I mean. AND THEN, over on TCJ, Clough reviews SUNBURNING by Keller Roberts.

* Philippe LeBlanc reviews some more books he picked up at TCAF 2017, including Prison Girls Deterred by Michael Comeau, Peripherea and Untitled Deer Comic by Katie So, and Shit and Piss by Tyler Landry.

* Meg Lemke presents an excerpt from HOSTAGE by Guy Delisle. 

* Paste Magazine presents THE 20 BEST COMICS OF 2017 (SO FAR), which is a pretty wide-ranging sample of some amazing titles that came out this year (so far).


* Mike Dawson and Zack Soto interview JOHN PORCELLINO on the latest edition of Process Party.

* Robin McConnell interviews LAURA KNETZGER about her Bug Boys book from Czap Books.

* Alex Wong interviews GUY DELISLE about his new book, Hostage.

* Lucy Bourton talks to The New York Times Magazine's editor-in-chief JAKE SILVERSTEIN about the 2017 issue of New York Stories, an all-comics issue.

* Is it weird to link to another site's same sort of round-up column? Do I really care if it is? Anyway, seems that Philippe LeBlanc is doing a SMALL PRESS AND INDIE COMICS NEWS GALORE round-up thingy for The Beat. Maybe this means I can quit doing this column and start smoking again? I wonder if anyone would even notice? Sadly, I think I know the answer. Thanks for starting me smoking again...

* One of my favorite things right now is Carta Monir's TINY LETTER SELFIE EMAILS because of its raw honesty, its empowerment, and its celebratory nature.

* Rob Trevino has this short look at WE DOUBT THE CALL EVEN AS WE ANSWER IT by Meghan Rose Morrison.

* THE MEMORY OF TIME by Jonathan Marcantoni.

* Daphne Merkin's essay, MY VIRGINIA WOOLF DOLL.

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