January 1, 2012


Originally ran as part of Comic Bulletin's Top Ten Miniseries of 2011 Column

What would you do if I told you that Mike Allred, John Arcudi, Kurt Busiek, John Cassady, Darwyn Cooke, Lowell Francis, Dave Gibbons, Joe R. Lansdale, Joe Pruett, Jonathan Ross, Ryan Sook, Mark Waid, Tommy Lee Edwards, Gene Ha, Scott Hampton, Tony Harris, Michael Kaluta, Brendan McCarthy, Ryan Sook, Bruce Timm, and Chris Weston were working on a mini-series together?

What would you do if I told you that this mini-series would be celebrating the further adventures of the late (great) Dave Stevens character The Rocketeer, one of the all-time great comic book heroes?

You'd wet yourself, right?

Well, in 2011 I wet myself.

In 2011, IDW published a 4 issue mini-series called Rocketeer Adventures which gave some of comicdom's best talents the opportunity to play in the retro-world of Cliff Secord and his pin-up girlfriend Betty. The series was obviously an homage to the talent and influence of Dave Stevens, as well as a love letter to the genre. Each issue was comprised of vignettes, allowing each creator to put their particular stamp on these characters and let their love shine.

Nothing really heavy or earth-shattering goes on in the series. Rather, Rocketeer Adventures was all about fun, celebrating the work of Dave Stevens, and reminding us that comics can be some of the best entertainment around.

P.S. I promise I have showered and changed clothes since the aforementioned wetting.

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