January 6, 2012


Arthur Nagan

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Publication history

Dr. Arthur Nagan first appeared in Mystery Tales #21 (September 1954), and was created by Bob Powell. This story was reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales #7 (December 1974). Steve Gerber created the Headmen after reading the reprint issue.

The character subsequently appears in Defenders vol. 1 #21 (March 1975), 31-33 (January–March 1976), 35 (May 1976), Defenders Annual #1 (October 1976), Power Man/Iron Fist #68 (April 1981), Marvel Age Annual #1 (1985), The Sensational She-Hulk vol. 2 #1-3 (May–July 1989), Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault Graphic Novel (1991), Web of Spider-Man #73 (February 1991), Marvel Comics Presents #97 (1992), Defenders vol. 2 #5 (July 2001), 7-10 (September–December 2001), and Heroes for Hire #6-8 (March–May 2007).

Fictional character biography

Dr. Arthur Nagan is a former surgeon who took the organs from gorillas to use in people. However his scheme was allegedly
 thwarted by the gorillas who somehow transplanted his head onto a gorilla’s body

He is a member of the Headmen and fought with Defenders on several occasions. Upon his release from prison, he attacked Power Man, who was temporarily de-powered. He is a former member of the Lethal Legion.

He later rejoined by the Headmen and participates in the plan to give his ally, Chondu, a new body. Specifically, the body of a clone of She-Hulk. The Headmen hire the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, then later Mysterio in order to test She-Hulk for compatibility. She is subdued and cloned, but escapes with the aid of Spider-Man. Nagan is arrested by the New York city police. Nagan is seen without the Headmen during a Vault outbreak. He and the female Frenzy, being held in neighboring cells, are freed by Electro.

The Headmen tracked Spider-man to a party Alicia Masters was hosting in order to procure Spider-Man's body for Chondu. Human Torch and Spider-man defeating enemies and the Headmen was soon arrested. Later allied with the A.I.M. plotted to control an ancient space-god in order to rule the world. They resurrected the alien space god Orrgo and conquered the world with him, but Defenders quickly defeating Orrgo and the Headmen.

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