April 22, 2012

THE GOON - Top Ten Best Monster Comics

This originally ran as part of the Tuesday Top Ten Column 
Top Ten Best Monster Comics

The Goon by Eric Powell
Published by Dark Horse Comics

OK, so, monster comics. You got your pale pointy toothed vampires, you got your moldy and crusty old zombies, you got your stinky and flea-bitten werewolves, you got your oddly colored glowing space aliens. Ho-Hum. Been there, done that.

You want real monsters – the kind that will twist your brains tight in a bunch and set your sweet fur-lined panties on fire?

May I then present to you the likes of the Skunk Ape or El Hombre de Lagarto or Fishy Pete or Chicken of Teeth or Satan's Sodomy Baby or even freakin' Peaches Valentine (for god's sake)!

Where can you find these horrors? There's only one place, and that's on the pages of Eric Powell's horror comedy series The Goon from Dark Horse Comics.

In The Goon, Powell lets every twisted nightmare he's ever conceived pour out of his pages with both horrifying and hilarious results. While somehow Powell has been able to fool a lot of people into thinking he's producing Eisner Award winning books that entertain and amuse, what he's really doing is tapping into the darkest reaches of our collective unconscious, grabbing hold of anything slightly slimy and malformed, and then slapping us on our asses with them while he calls us Shorty.

These are the monsters that made you pee your sheets when you were wee. Powell shoves them in your face with such glee that you just have to laugh along with him while he does it, either that or start screaming while trying to jam a knife into someone's eye.

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