September 5, 2018

Kickstart Your Part: MOON by Rozi Hathaway

is "an ethereal and enchanting short comic story printed in a mini-tabloid newpaper format" by Rozi Hathaway

Hathaway is the cartoonist behind the quiet, meditative, and wonderful COSMOS AND OTHER STORIES published last year by Good Comics.

Of her new book that she is trying to fund through Kickstarter, Hathaway writes: 
"Moon is an ethereal and enchanting original comic story about childhood, curiosity and love. I came up with the idea from one of many conversations with my partner's four-year-old son when we saw a large disc inside a storage container on a building site and he told me it looked like the moon. I decided to create this story because I think we all need some child-like fascination and magic in our lives. My wish is for someone to pick up Moon and be transported away from his/her/their troubles and become lost in a dream. There is always time to worry about school, work, money or relationships, and we all deserve to escape. "

The Kickstarter for MOON runs until September 9, 2018

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