March 14, 2016

Writing Drunk About Crap Comics: CROCKED CRITICS on HAUNTED MANSION #1

Over on Comics Bulletin, Chase Magnett and I got drunk and wrote about 
HAUNTED MANSION #1 from Marvel Comics for a new column on the site called 
Crocked Critics.

I bandy about terms like "cash grab" and "tire fire" and "shit storm", but ultimately try to play the ray of sunshine to Chase's dark cloud.

In the end, though, I write this:

Break the corporate comics addiction. Stop buying shit that has no respect for you. Look into books from publishers like 2dCloud or Retrofit or Uncivilized Books or Tinto Press and find the type of comic that wants you to interact with it, isn’t trying to sell you something, and — for Christ’s sake — actually makes you think.
For this reason I love that Haunted Mansion #1 exists. It is a billboard for everything wrong with corporate comics. It is the clear line that demonstrates that Marvel and DC actually hate you.
So, for this reason, I would totally suggest you buy 27 copies of Haunted Mansion and distribute them to all of your friends and ask them, “Why would you stay in such an abusive relationship?”

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