July 12, 2012

GUUVI - Lickin' Rednecks Holdin' Longnecks

This song originally appeared on the never recorded 1996 first album, Music For Blender Drinks, from the Minneapolis band Guuvi

Lickin' Rednecks Holdin' Longnecks

Never in a hurry to get there early
Always on time when I should be late

Watchin' thoughts spinnin' when I should be sleepin'
Always am tired when I should be awake.

Never am hungry when I should be eatin'
Always half-starved in the middle of the day

Never am horny when I got a gal before me
Always feel lusty when I'm on the make

Lookin' for meaning 
While lickin' Rednecks holdin' Longnecks
It's what I call a hobby
Everyone needs a hobby

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