September 8, 2017

Review: AN INTRODUCTION TO ALCOHOL by Karl Christian Krumpholz

So I got a new gig writing reviews for, and, to kick that off, I reviewed 
(my first in nearly two months) 
by Karl Christian Krumpholz
published by Tinto Press

"Morality is ambiguous in this book. There is no didacticism or preaching to be found in its pages. Krumpholz’s choices of what to leave in and what to leave out tell the story he wants to tell about his father. At times he crams his pages with panels and text, at other times he lets his stylized cartooning do the emotional lifting. The varied rhythmic result provides the perfect beat for the story. Krumpholz is as much musician as he is cartoonist; his layouts are intricate solos within the larger theme of the song."

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