July 23, 2017

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 7/17/17 to 7/23/17

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Megan Purdy and Kat Overland have this great conversation about Kabi Nagata's MY LESBIAN EXPERIENCE WITH LONELINESS.

* Dominic Umile on Ellice Weaver's SOMETHING CITY

* Hillary Brown takes a look at Andrea Pazienza's ZANARDI which she calls "foul, rude ... and not wholly without merit."

* Robert Kirby on I WISH I WAS JOKING by Tom Van Deusen.


* Keith Silva takes apart his reaction to METAL GODS: A TRIBUTE TO JUDAS PRIEST from Decibel Books.

Rob Clough reviews a few releases from the MINI-KUS! series, including: 
                      -  mini-Kus! #14: The Pernicious Kiss by Tiina Lehikoinen.
                       - mini-Kus! #16: Runaway Dog by Emilie Ostergren.
                       - mini-Kus! #42: Alien Beings by Laura Kenins. 


* Greg Hunter talks to MICHEL FIFFE on Comic Book Decalogue.

* Joe McCulloch interviews KATIE SKELLY on Inkstuds.

* Zack Soto and Mike Dawson talk to ERIC HAVEN on Process Party.

* Elana Levin interviews REBECCA EPSTEIN on Graphic Policy Radio about her new book, Gently Murder Me.

* RJ Casey talks to JASON MURPHY about "his evolving style, childhood symbolism, and his new short story "The Character".

* Emma Houxbois' powerful unpacking of the death of CHESTER BENNINGTON.

* Iris Cushing on poet NIKKI WALLSCHLAEGER's new book Crawlspace, which "discovers the violence embedded in our most familiar structures: mortgages, meals, rooms, houses, family relationships, and language itself."

* Joan Nathan makes a perfect DAIRY BORSCHT for these hot summer days.

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