March 16, 2015

A Deck of Cards and A Sock Full of Nickles – Reviewing Casanova: Acedia #2: “O Killers I Have Known and Loved”

I participated once again in a round robin review of the latest Matt Fraction/Fabio Moon/Dustin Harbin/Cris Peter/Image Comics release, CASANOVA: ACEDIA, over on Comics Bulletin. This time with Jason Sacks and Julia Walchuk

For some reason, this series has me layering my analysis with David Bowie lyrics. For this review of issue 2, I'm using Bowie's 1977 album LOW.

Which leads to me write things like "Casanova has always been a story about the self and what it comprises. If we’re the sum of our experiences, what happens when all of our experiences have happened to someone else? What are you gonna be to the real me, to the real me?"


"But the past is a funny place, isn’t it? Memory is selective when it’s working at all and that selectivity itself is clouded by wisdom or knowledge or dreams. We color our memories as we color ourselves (which always benefits from Cris Peter’s work, by the way) and that experience that was once so direct to us, so visceral in the moment, has become, in the end, what we want it to be.
It seems to me that I was always looking left and right when I was a younger man, as if I was going round and round the hotel garage. Must have been touching close to 94."

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