November 20, 2012


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Commander X All-Star Special #1
(Jay Piscopo)
Nemo Publishing
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a total sucker for Jay Piscopo's comics. When I stumbled across Piscopo's Sea Ghost last August, I fell in love, love, love! Now I've got my hands on Commander X All-Star Special #1 and I am contemplating a ménage a trois. This book is a collection of three short adventure stories featuring the wonderful character Commander X and is about as sexy as comics can get.

Commander X is a throwback to a time when comic book heroes were all heroic and tough and stuff. They weren't so complicated, they were just better than all of us. This book features three of Commander X's adventures: one featuring Nazis and Yetis, one featuring a giant undersea robot, and a final one featuring "An ancient Lemurian Weapon of Mass Destruction." All of them awesome -- because it is that kind of comic.
Commander X is a sort of side character in Piscopo's magnum opus and pièce de résistanceThe Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli, which is based on a soda (don't ask, long story), and is all kinds of wildly wonderful. Here, in this book, the Commander steps up to the fore and flexes his muscles, charms the ladies, and frees the Yeti. Piscopo's art is its usual clean, crisp, and refreshing self. His color palette is, as always, inventive, exciting, and engaging. His use of sound effects is onomatopoeia-tastic, and his dialogue is full of fun. My only complaint about this book is that it isn't long enough. I could have read another ten Commander X stories and still wanted more.
Are you looking for a comic that you can share with your entire family? Are you looking for a book that will entice you to joy? Commander X All-Star Special #1 from Nemo Publishing is that book. 
Find out more at the Capt'n Eli website.

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