August 18, 2018

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 8/10/18 to 8/17/18

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Alex Hoffman writes a mixed review of YELLOW LIGHT #1 by Raziel Puma which "is bogged down by production issues and a few pieces that don’t pass muster. But with that said, for a first book, I think Yellow Light #1 has a lot going for it."

* Tegan O'Neil on HASIB AND THE QUEEN OF SERPENTS by David B., "a stylized version of age of the stories without indulging in stereotype or essentialist fantasy. "

* John Seven on ALL THE SAD SONGS by Summer Pierre, writing "At the center of Pierre’s longing is the desire to be loved, to not be alone, to feel a kind of togetherness with a human being that replicates how music can engulf her being and make her feel part of something larger."

* Andy Oliver reviews GREENHOUSE by Debbie Fong, "a subtle, nuanced and uncompromising read from an artist whose verbal economy proves a potent storytelling tool."

* James Smart has this very short review of SHIT IS REAL by Aisha Franz, "a wise and funny journey through loneliness and confusion."

* Christa Seely writes this pretty straight-forward review of PINKY AND PEPPER FOREVER by Ivy Atoms, calling it "a wild ride of a story."

* Daniel Gehen on DUMB: LIVING WITHOUT A VOICE by Georgia Webber, calling it "a stark reminder that no one, no matter how young or old, is invincible."

* Ryan Carey on GRIP by Lale Westvind which "seems to eschew dialogue, captions, sound effects, and related ephemera (barring the occasional, expertly-placed exception) as a matter of sheer necessity, recognizing them less as an unnecessary encumbrance that would only get in the way of the tale being told, but as outright obstacles that would actually detract from the proceedings." Ryan also reviews Tara Booth's HOW TO BE ALIVE which is one of my favorite books of recent years.

* Rob Clough looks at TINDERELLA by M. S. Harkness, writing "Harkness shows that whatever solace one takes in being alone also brings about pain, while being with someone can lead to huge compromises and heartbreak."


* One of my favorite cartoonists, Simon Moreton, previews his new zine, MINOR LEAGUES #6, "a big, long autobiographical exploration of life, death, grief, memory and childhood, explored through the lens of the South Shropshire countryside where I grew up, and told through comics, prose, photos, drawings, paintings and collage."

* Speaking of Simon Moreton, over on the Avery Hill blog he continues his conversation with fellow cartoonist TIM BIRD "about their work and practice."

* Tim Hodler talks to Fantagraphics associate publisher, ERIC REYNOLDS, about the ComiXology Originals announcement that essentially puts Amazon in the position, by publishing comics both digitally and by print-on-demand, to have a ripple effect on the comics industry.

* Caitlin Rosberg interviews KATE GAVINO about her new book, Sanpaku, and "to discuss the book’s pattern work, her approach to pacing and how leaving Texas made her fall in love with the state after all."

* Edith Zimmerman talks to AUBREY NOLAN about how she makes comics.

* Gabrielle Bell has a new comic up on Spiralbound called HOW I MAKE MY COMICS.

* There's a new Tara Booth comic on Vice called BEDBUGS.

* Speaking of comics on Vice, you know that if there is a new Seo Kim featured there, I'm going to link to it. So.. in four panels, here is PTERANODON.

* Anne Roiphe wrote an essay for Tablet called MY FAVORITE ANTI-SEMITE: EDITH WHARTON which is part of "an occasional series of tributes to writers, artists, philosophers, and others who hate us and to why we still find value in their work."

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