July 27, 2018

ICYMI -- Small Press Comics Criticism and Whatnot for 7/20/18 to 7/27/18

Highlighting some great small press comics criticism being published, as well as other random things that have caught my eye over the past week.


* Dominic Umile reviews Carol Tyler's FAB4 MANIA: A BEATLES OBSESSION AND THE CONCERT OF A LIFETIME which "communicates the frenzy of navigating adolescence with grace and lyrical heft."

* Andy Oliver on NEVER BEEN REBORN by William Powers, calling it "darkly introspective; a bleak tale that wades through themes of solitude, personal journey and discovery." Oliver also has a piece on COSMO HOTEL by Bethany Hall which "is silent and delicately paced with visuals that, oddly enough, feel as dreamlike in the earlier sequences rooted in a more recognisable world as they do in the surreal otherworldliness the comics slowly transforms itself into."

* Sally Ingraham takes a look at Lale Westvind's GRIP VOLUME 1 which explores "how the work of the moment, the task at hand, is transformed by the inner fantasies and landscapes of the heart, the joyous and violent riot of thought that leads to action or survival." 

* John Seven reviews LIGHTNESS by Catherine Meurisse "which depicts her emotional state following the Charlie Hebdo murders and her efforts to deal with what she witnessed."

* Sam Ombiri on ANTI-GONE by Conor Willumsen which "has a horrifically calm space where everything is desperately made to be as satisfactory as possible. The twist in this case is that we don’t see the desperation – the ideal environment is rendered without any question."

* Scott Cederlund looks at THE WINNER by Karl Stevens, wherein "Karl Stevens asks us to explore his relationship to art with him. Creator, gallery guard, portraitist, teacher, cartoonist, snob and audience, Stevens uses his relationship with his wife as an entryway into trying to figure out who he is when it comes to art"

* Robin Enrico on MariNaomi's LOSING THE GIRL, a book that "is smart and nuanced in a way that not only avoids the trap of patronizing its intended audience, but also provides older readers with a way to reflect on the interconnectedness of their own lives."

* Ryan Carey takes a look at the first four issues of Elijah Brubaker's REICH for his site, Four Color Apocalypse. Carey also reviews Anneli Furmark's RED WINTER for YCE.

* Jason Sacks writes this short review of OUT OF NOTHING by David Locke and David Blandy which "reminds readers of the important verities of life, providing a long view that shows that despite it all, mankind can still find grace in its own history."

* Kevin Bramer on Edward Parker Boman's NOBLE HEAD FUNNIES #6 which I've never heard of, seems weird as heck, and is therefore totally on my radar now.

 * Two of my favorite cartoonists, TIM BIRD and SIMON MORETON in conversation about their work.

* Alex Dueben interviews BEN PASSMORE about all the things he's been working on.

* Alec Berry profiles DAVID BROTHERSmostly about his new gig at Viz Media.

* Robin McConnell interviews PAUL KIRCHNER, mostly about his latest book, "collection of a range of his comics work called Awaiting the Collapse."


* Lynda Barry has a new comic called MENOPOSITIVE!

* Anders Nilsen posted some images from his SKETCHBOOK which readily shows you just why you should be buying Anders Nilsen comics. Nilsen also writes a very moving piece for TCJ " describes the experience and labor of helping to bring Geneviève Castrée’s final book, A Bubble, to publication" called FUCK YOU, DEATH: THOUGHTS ON FINISHING MY FRIEND'S LAST BOOK

* Andrea Shockling has finished up part 3 of the latest Subjective Line Weight called STARVING AWAY THE BLACK.

* Seo Kim has a new comic on Vice called DAY THIEVES.

* Hassan Otsmane- Elhaou just announced that PanelXPanel will be producing a new monograph series called PANELXPANEL: ONE SHOTS

* Annie Koyama announces that she will be shutting down KOYAMA PRESS in 2021.

* Claire Napier has some smart words on The Guardian about Nick Drnaso's Sabrina being longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in a piece titled A COMIC UP FOR THE BOOKER PRIZE? ABOUT TIME TOO.

* Lucy Bourton introduces the idea and the creators behind TINTED WINDOW, "a new publication with an editorial angle that focuses on one person, place or object."

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