October 8, 2016

STILL Writing Reviews of Books from this Year's SPX

While Ray Sonne and Joe Schmidt write about some great books, I take the time to consider the artistry and implications of ESCAPE ROUTE by Daniel Zender

"Zender’s thick black and white art is reminiscent of old Brad Neely cartoons: static, yet awash in potential energy. Each panel verges on unfolding, yet its kineticism seems restrained; the act of placing them next to each other somehow makes the entire page vibrate. There’s an undeniable intent here.  You can’t help but trust that Zender is in command of what he is laying down in this book. He has provided you the details to an ever expanding complexity of storytelling, and he trusts you to let your brain do its magic. It’s hard not to love an artist who loves you back."

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