August 18, 2015

Chicken Church Abandoned

Giant Chicken Church from ThreatLevel11 on Vimeo.

Dubbed Gereja Ayam by the locals, the mysterious “chicken church” stands abandoned in the middle of a jungle in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The church was built by Daniel Alamsjah (67) in the early ‘90s as a prayer house, but officially shut it doors in 2000 due to high construction costs.One day while at his job in Jakarta, Alamsjah received a vision from God that instructed him to create a prayer house in the likes of a dove. Unfortunately, the building more resembles a squawking chicken than anything else. While many refer to the building as a church, Alamsjah tellsJakarta Globe that “it’s not a church. I was building a prayer house… a place for people who believe in God.” Thus people of all faiths have traveled to the chicken to worship and pray.The prayer house contains over 15 rooms, some of which include beds and bathrooms. Alamsjah purchased the 3,000 square meters on Rhema Hill for two million rupees and, with the help of around 30 local villagers from the neighboring town, Dese Gomborg, Alamsjah actualized his vision. Unfortunately, the building was never fully completed, and construction halted in 2000 due to dwindling funds.

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