May 20, 2015

Good Things In Comics Looking For Your Support

There's a couple of projects out there right now that are looking for your support.

Billed as:
Over 250 full color pages. More than 40 incredibly talented creators27 amazing stories, 1 beautifully designed over-sized hardcover. But above all: a comic book experience you won't find anywhere else!All wrapped in a stunning cover by Spider-Gwen’s Robbi Rodriguez, the Broken Frontier Anthology is beautifully designed and assembled with the highest production value. Larger than a standard graphic novel, the book’s 11.2''x7.6'' format allows the amazing artwork and stories to leap off the page.
This book is bound to be as beautiful as it will be fascinating, and the line-up of creators it will contain will be worth your attention.

Comix Experience is San Francisco's oldest and most diverse comic book and graphic novel store and an amazing place to shop. Owner Brian Hibbs is a leader in the industry and a profound and often controversial voice for the retailing end of the comic book business.

In response to what is going on in San Francisco, Hibbs has put the following on his website:
San Francisco is about to raise minimum wage to the nation’s highest at $15/hour over the next three years – a 43% hike. While we at Comix Experience absolutely support a living wage, this unprecedented increase will put a huge pressure on small businesses like ours. To put it into raw numbers, given our current staffing (and we run very tight), we will soon have to generate an additional $80,000 a year in sales just to meet the rise.  Click here to learn more about how the minimum wage impacts small businesses.
We think we've found a way to generate those sales while adding significant value for our customers.  We invite you to join our Graphic Novel Club and be part of the solution. 
Beginning in July 2015, every month the staff and I will use our passion and experience to choose the single best brand new graphic novel to give you. This book will always be either a stand-alone experience, or the first volume of a new series. As a member of the club, you’ll also be entitled to unique benefits that won’t be offered to anyone else:
● A curated selection of the best new graphic novel each month● An invitation to a monthly live book club meeting and social event to discuss that book. We will record and stream the in-store meeting so club members all over the world can also participate.
● We will regularly have the writers and artists of each of our picks participate in our monthly club meetings, (e.g. in person, speaking and doing a live event, or a video chat to answer questions).
● For select in-person appearances at the store, you’ll receive an exclusive club-only invitation to attend a private after-hours event with the guest.
● We will create a social media group for members to discuss the book internationally
● Finally, we will provide you with nice swag (like posters or bookmarks) for the selected book wherever possible
This is an innovative way to deal with the repercussions of an issue we can all support. If you support a higher minimum wage AND small business, this is something you should get behind.
If you are a fan of the medium and are looking to support it on different levels, please consider throwing some cash at either or both of these projects.

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