April 24, 2015

A Girl Who Shape-Shifts Into A Boy To Get Her Dream Girl: An Interview with Jennie Wood about FLUTTER

Jennie Wood and Jeff McComsey have a Kickstarter going to support the printing of their LGBTQ indie comic Flutter, Volume 2. Jennie graciously agreed to an interview in which we talk about Flutter, diversity, backlash, hypocrisy, and Kickstarter.

"It’s important that we see ourselves in the stories that we put out there. The push for diversity is this need, this desire to see ourselves reflected in comics. The push against it’s from those who fear that they’ll lose their place in it, their reflection. What we need to realize – and all of us need to realize and remind each other of this – is that there’s room for all of us in comics. The audience for comics is growing. At every comic convention I meet more and more people who are there for the first time, exploring comics for the first time."

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