October 9, 2014

Review -- LOUD COMIX #4

Loud Comix #4

Loud Comix, a collection of “tales of glory, humiliation, terror, and the abnormal” written by a group of leading lights from the Southern Punk Rock scene and illustrated by Jamie Vayda, is back again with issue #4, and this one is louder and cruder and more fucked-up than any previous issue. Issue #4 features a guy falling out the back of a trailer home trying to take a piss, a Punk Rock Detective who may be a dick but gets the job done, and other sordid stories about running Moonshine, a dead snake, and a Christmas party with co-workers that becomes an unforgettable mess for all that attend. It’s raucous fun that don’t give one tug of a dead-dog’s dick what you think about it.
These are Comix, after all, and Comix don’t take no crap. Comix ain’t for the sensitive or the dainty or the social justice advocate; they are all about tits and booze and cocks and drugs and fucking and shitting and screaming. And Loud Comix is hollering all this louder than anything else you got going on right now. A matter of fact, it’s got its own PA system and they’ve turned those volume knobs all the way up.
Remember when noted American Punk Rocker Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) wrote, “Let everyone mind his own business, and endeavor to be what he was made”? I’m pretty sure he was writing about Comix – the zine scene around Walden was killer back then.
Sure, Loud Comix probably won’t go down in history for its literary merits or highbrow approach to lowbrow humor. But that’s okay, muthafuckas, cause it kicks out the jams.

And damn if Jamie Vayda isn’t just hitting his stride now with his cartooning. Vayda wears his Comix influences on his sleeve pretty brightly, you can see the Crumb in the folds, but he is carving out his own niche cleanly and it’s great to see. He’s got his comic (and Comix) pacing down damn near perfectly. His cartooning brings the right balance between over-the-top and solidly right on for the genre, and he draws just about the best swinging thick midget dick I’ve ever seen in the pages of a comic before.

So if you’re not easily offended and you don’t take life all that seriously, then what the hell, man, why aren’t you ass-deep and face-first into this series? If you feel the need to release that beast  that likes Gothic tales of pissing on couches or getting snake blood all over the fucking place, and then letting it run naked in the moonlight free from the confines of Tumblr and other shame, then this is your book, my friend. This is your series. These are yourLoud Comix!
Loud Comix #4 is available from Birdcage Bottom Books.

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