September 7, 2012

Goat Cheese Mustache

a story...

A man takes off his hat
As a gesture
Showing himself to be a polite
Upstanding gentleman
In this moment of solemn
And as he does
He reveals
A slightly smaller hat.

Embarrassed, the man quickly
Snatches this hat
His head
But there
As Before
Sits one slightly smaller

The widow begins to titter so
As the man continues his struggle
With the hats
All these hats
So many hats

Finally, exhausted, the man
With a tiny
Almost imperceptible 
Perched precariously on top
Of his sweating head

At this point the widow is laughing
Screaming really with laughter
While the rest of the party
Stares with concern

"I'm terribly sorry about my problem with hats
on such a solemn occasion." says the man

"Oh, it's not the hats," shrieks the widow between gales of full throated laughter.
"It's that goat cheese mustache you wear with such pride."

It was then that something broke in the room and the whole funeral party
doubled over with laughter.

The man with the hats took this opportunity
To dance his little jig
All the time
Brushing his goat cheese mustache.

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