Would You Like To Write For YCE?

Thanks for your interest in writing for YCE. 
A couple of things before we proceed: 

First, YCE focuses on comics from small press publishers (places like Retrofit/Big Planet, Uncivilized Books, 2dCloud, Youth in Decline, etc., as well as self-published titles). Take a look at the site and see what kind of books the site tends to cover before considering pitching us. 

Second, YCE is interested in reviews that provide a critical analysis of the work being reviewed. Most of the site's reviews tend to focus on the theme of the work and how cartoonists use their tools to convey that theme. What YCE is not interested in is plot recaps or (usually) particular axes to grind. In your pitch, please tell us what the focus of your review will be. 

Third, YCE usually does not provide review copies of the books to be reviewed. If there is a specific comic you are interested in writing about, we can request review copies for you from the publishers, but in that case there is a high expectation that you will submit that review in a timely manner. Expected length of all reviews is approximately 1,000 words. 

Fourth, expect to be edited. We ask that you submit your review through Google Docs (shared with YCEReviews@gmail.com), as this is the easiest way for me to make suggestions as to how to improve your piece. I’ve been writing about comics for over a decade now, and I am pretty confident in my ability to help good writers write better. 

Fifth, after the editorial process has been completed, We ask that you submit a short writer’s bio, along with all images (including a cover of the book being reviewed) you would like to run with the piece. 

Finally, we will need an email address from you so that we can pay you for your work through PayPal. Remuneration is $40 for an approximately 1,000-word review. All rights revert back to the writer in perpetuity upon publication. 

We're also looking for interviews, news stories, market insights, and other pieces focused on small press/self-published comics.

If, after reading all this, you still feel that YCE is an appropriate place for your writing, let’s get going. Send me your pitch! YCEReviews@gmail.com

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